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  6 Strategies Acquiring an Offshore Development Team

Offshore Development Team

Are you still on the lookout for an offshore software development team? We got your back!

For software developers, outsourcing has become the new norm. Businesses have been forced to resort to outsourcing due to the massive shift of the remote work business model. Hiring offshore developers gives organizations access to qualified resources at a lower cost.

Companies may receive competent specialists, a wide talent pool, cutting-edge technological development, and quality-oriented solutions by outsourcing development projects. In addition, the market for extending offshore development teams is increasing due to the high demand for software goods. 

However, finding an offshore development team is difficult, although it is a severe and critical role. Here, we’ve outlined six strategies for sourcing and hiring offshore developers.

Online Freelancing Platforms

If your business project is tiny or your budget is limited, you should consider using freelance sites. You can work with an offshore development team through various internet platforms. In addition, you can post job openings on freelance websites, and the interested companies will contact you. Some well-known freelance websites are listed below:

  • Toptal – This platform allows clients and engineering teams to interact and collaborate before and during the project. It also connects businesses with contractors interested in working for them. 
  • Freelance & Upwork – Both of these platforms are the most popular places to look for offshore development teams. The platform manages the administrative side of your employee collaboration so you can focus on the project’s development.
  • YouTeam – is an excellent tool for locating candidates or teams of developers. The platform verifies that the candidates have credentials.

The disadvantage of a freelance website is that you must engage with intermediaries like Toptal and Upwork, which will raise offshore developer fees.

LinkedIn Platform

LinkedIn is a global site where practically every professional offshore development firm has an account. People looking for new talent should be aware of this global platform since it is the most essential yet straightforward headhunting tool for customers and recruiters. You can also seek information on the staff, their experience, and even their employees’ accounts. When employing offshore developers, be sure to look into their previous experience and activities.

Industry Talent Marketplaces 

Hiring the top engineers is hugely challenging for huge IT organizations. However, it has increased the usage of remote working freelancers and outsourcing to overseas organizations. The issue with both alternatives is ensuring high-quality work and hiring someone who is a good fit for your company.

A marketplace for offshore tech expertise comes to the rescue to solve the problems mentioned above. It connects individual developers at agencies with enterprises needing a developer to augment their development staff via outsourcing. On the supply side, the marketplace includes personal profiles.

Online Tech Community

Because you’re part of a more extensive IT community, use networking to find the proper people. You can enlist the assistance of people both online and offline. For example, you might write a social media post outlining your project’s requirements and scenario. You may also use platforms such as Quora and Forums by conducting a keyword search. You will receive responses from many people on such media, and you will be able to contact the offshore development service via the connection.

Opt to Local Consultants

Many local consultants specialize in putting you in touch with offshore development teams. They are experts at making a deal with developers from other countries. These may be advantageous to you, particularly if you have no prior expertise in team management or IT-related industries.

You can also go to conferences and trade shows where offshore development companies will be exhibiting. You can also attend technical gatherings to meet people in the industry. These connections will enable you to learn more about remote workforce employment.

If you are interested in collaborating with an offshore development team, you can use the above-mentioned methods to get the best team. The offshore development team will drive down your development costs and enhance the quality of your software.

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