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Remote Software Developers Rising: What Tech Recruiters Should Consider?

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Hiring remote software developers is a time and energy-intensive process. Likewise, finding the proper developer is a process that may cost you and your company time and money if done incorrectly. In today’s setting, the demand for software developers has been rising and shows no sign of stopping. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, software developer employment is expected to expand 21% by 2028, higher than the average predicted rate of growth for all occupations.

This growth in demand has a substantial influence on recruiting techniques and company goals. Employers must re-calibrate their goals, and tech recruiters must enhance their strategy so that hiring does not become a major roadblock to success. Nevertheless, there are a few benefits that both businesses and software developers may take advantage of; here are a few of them:

Benefit for Employees:

  • Work-life balance
  • Autonomy
  • Efficiency
  • Productivity

Benefit for Employer:

  • Cost-cutting
  • Access to the talent pool
  • Flexibility
  • Happy and healthy employers

What are the characteristics of a software developer tech recruiters should look for? 

It should go without saying that any remote developer you hire must code. However, that isn’t the only talent they must possess. Before you hire software developers, look for folks who have these five characteristics to ensure you obtain a well-rounded employee who will stick around.

Self-discipline: Any remote worker must be self-disciplined enough to meet deadlines and finish projects without the help of others.

Communication: Most jobs require good communication skills, but this is especially true for remote employees. Remote employees must take the initiative to seek help when they need it and strive to improve their performance regularly.

Balance: For a remote worker, balancing work and personal life is critical. They risk becoming distracted and unable to focus on the task at hand if they can’t establish a boundary between family and work.

Maturity: In its ideal form, maturity comprises the characteristics above. A person’s age isn’t necessarily a trustworthy indicator of their maturity level.

When evaluating a resume or conducting a virtual interview, keep the following in mind:

Specific Programming Skills

The job posting should specify the sort of programmer your team requires. Ensure that the candidate’s qualifications and experience are appropriate for this position. It will provide a behind-the-scenes look at the code and projects they’ve worked on. Take some time with the team to investigate this. A portfolio goes beyond a resume’s necessities to fully represent a candidate’s personality, hobbies, and technical ability.

Work Experience

Developers that have worked remotely before will have a firm grasp of remote project management technologies, so you’ll spend less time teaching them. So make a point of asking if they’ve ever used project management software and, if not, how they now manage their job. Sending applicants a task on your team’s favorite project management client to check whether they’ll be familiar with these tools is a good idea. Then, during your virtual interview, you may talk about their experience.

Outstanding Communication Skills

If candidates can express themselves clearly and write effectively in their cover letter and CV, they are likely to have strong communication skills, essential while working remotely. So, when you’re interviewing, please pay attention to how well they listen.

Team-Friendly Interpersonal Skills

Interpersonal abilities are more difficult to discover but not impossible. They might be the deciding factor in recruiting and keeping the best fit for your team. Basically, during your interview, you may talk more about your business culture and what your team enjoys to see if your applicants have anything in common.

How can you find one (or more)?

Finding the best developers isn’t always simple. You’ll have to put in a lot of effort, such as searching through applications, checking through profiles, and visiting LinkedIn and other job posting sites. But why would you do this when you could go to a service provider?

You may rely on us for your software development needs. We make sure that we have the top remote software developers at Remote Talent Pipeline. From recruiting to hiring, thorough screening is carried out. There has never been a greater time than right now. So get in touch with us here at Remote Talent Pipe Line.

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