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Misconceptions About Hiring Software Developers Overseas 

Software Developers Overseas

The first instinct is to become enraged at the articles spreading overly subjective nonsense about software development and everything else. Because misinformation about programming and development in the wild influences the industry and, by extension, the world in various wrong ways.

You’re a terrible engineer if you can’t live-code during an interview.

First, anyone who claims this is making an absolute and shaky statement. Second, they lack empathy, which, as you will see in a moment, can be a unique software developer skill.

As with any software development, the correct tool for the right tool must be utilized. We should first ask whether the coding test is necessary for that candidate. 

Should you live code-test someone with a long history of successful software development? If so, does this mirror everyday life? Why are we doing it? 

Many software engineers, from graduates to seniors, especially from overseas, have struggled with the live-code challenges.

  • They blackout under pressure, which is OK for many software engineers because they’ll never have to be under strain or too young to be.
  • They haven’t done a single (or very few) live code exercise in their 10- to 20-year career. Perhaps they were employed as a junior without one and grew until they gained seniority without having to perform.

Cheap price

If there is one thought that companies think of when they think of contracting developers overseas, it is that cheap corresponds to poor quality. Because of the poor services offered by certain outsourcing companies, companies did not consider employing software engineers offshore a great asset. Let’s shed some light here. Poor quality service only occurs if you collaborate with the incorrect offshore software development partner. Widely known outsourcing countries, including the Philippines, and Latin American countries, generate thousands of IT experts each year.

They are only suitable for “short-term” projects.

Most of the services contracted by software engineers overseas are non-value-added duties and consultancy services. Furthermore, most business owners outsource only to fill the position for short-term projects. But hiring software developers from the Philippines and other countries for long-term projects is a wise investment. Clients do not just save money, but they also gain a profitable business partner. Because offshore services are taught to continue providing enterprise solutions to your needs, the longer you work with them, the more they will learn about your business goals.  Your offshore software developer can assist you in making systems more efficient and developing greater value for customers.

Must be up to date on the most recent libraries and frameworks.

Organizations, frequently agencies, that do sweatshop-style development and will only recruit a React, Vue, Express, or whatever the latest and greatest thing on the block is an engineer. Therefore there is some truth to that, but many self-respecting firms understand the value of cross-functional software development skills, so they will look at specific languages or disregard the language entirely and focus solely on solid programming skills.

Overpaid Software Engineers

Perhaps, like the rest of the world, it is grossly underpaid. In what universe is it acceptable for a nurse to be paid 30% of what a senior software developer is paid? Right? Doesn’t that put things into perspective? 

We believe software engineers in the Philippines or Latin American countries are paid fairly or underpaid by some freelancers. Furthermore, we believe that the lifestyle of a software developer is one that every human should be able to afford.

Hiring software engineers anywhere in the world makes it easy with today’s new setup. If you are looking to outsource a software engineer overseas, Remote Talent Pipeline can help you. We can help you source the best technical talent at the best price. 

Get matched with the best developer overseas in minutes and get the job done today!

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