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We Make Hiring Remote Developers Easy

Is your Startup, Team, or Company having trouble finding technical talent? We recruit, hire, and train Software Engineers, Web and Mobile Developers, Digital Product Developers, QA Engineers, and Digital Designers for innovative startups through Fortune 500 companies. Our teams are positioned around the globe from South America to Europe to Southeast Asia. 

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First off, we’re based in North Carolina and have been helping startups for years. If you need more, read on…

Remote Talent Pipeline - Hiring Frontend Software Developers


HTML, CSS, SCSS, React and Vue.js

Remote Talent Pipeline - Hiring Backend Software Developers


Node.js, C# .Net, Ruby on Rails, Python

Remote Talent Pipeline - AWS Infrastructure


AWS, Azure, Heroku, Salesforce

Remote Talent Pipeline - Software Development Team Management

Team Management

Jira, Git, Trello

Remote Talent Pipeline - Hiring Mobile Apps Software Developers

Mobile Apps

React-Native, Flutter, Objective C, Kotlin, Xcode

Remote Talent Pipeline - Hiring Ecommerce Software Developers


Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento

First off, we’re based in North Carolina and have been helping startups for years. If you need more, read on…

Remote Talent Pipeline

Save Money

We don’t find the cheapest, but best developers in the world for your teams and projects. You can still expect to save 50% to 75% compared to U.S. rates though depending on the profiles you are looking to hire.

Remote Talent Pipeline

Save Time

Get more tasks done and add more features quicker. Time is money in your business and augmenting your organization with our people is going to add extra speed. 

Remote Talent Pipeline

No Headaches

We understand that working with remote software developers in different time zones and cultures adds overhead. This is why we actually help you manage your new team. This puts the extra work on our shoulders instead of yours.

Remote Talent Pipeline

Reduce Risk

Hiring developers locally is risky and expensive. There are employment laws, benefits and overhead costs. Our terms are flexible and clear instead. You won’t have to worry about issues with hiring or letting go of developers anymore. We deal with any issues. Talent As A Service.

At Remote Talent Pipeline, we have a process that ensures a high quality match between developer and employer, culture fit, along with screening and training the top 5% of the talent pool for remote developers.



RTP builds diversified teams of thoughtful, well-rounded software engineers with you and your unique business goals in mind. We understand that a strong development team extends beyond technical talent.



Our onshore engineering teams provide consistent oversight into the global teams we build for our clients to guarantee the success of your project.

We build global offshore tech teams for companies that win. Below are some common engagement types.

Remote Talent Pipeline - Building Software
MVP through V1.0

Building Software
MVP through V1.0

We can provide a hybrid team to maximize onshore expertise in engineering architecture, product management, and design while leveraging the cost savings of offshore resources.

Your Bandwidth

Enabling you to immediately increase velocity. Team sizes as small as 4-6 person teams with desired experience levels on quarterly contract size.

Remote Talent Pipeline - Boosting
Your Bandwidth
Remote Talent Pipeline - Providing


RTP works with our clients to build a talent pipeline and hiring roadmap to execute on over the next 12 months as the company scales. Team sizes range from 10-20+.

Helping You Manage Your Team

We actively help you to manage your new team and integrate the new developers into your existing organization.

Remote Talent Pipeline - Helping You Manage Your Team
Remote Talent Pipeline - Testimonials

“Pipeline is great. We could not be happier.

They’ve gone above and beyond at every turn, and they made something

we thought was impossible (finding the PERFECT offshore dev) really easy.”

Creative Director of Manufactur

Ready to find out more?

Schedule a brief and free consultation with us to find out more on how we can help you. Building offshore teams and hiring offshore developers requires a lot of expertise and every case is different. Say “Hello” and let us help you find a custom solution to your business.